Pet-friendly Hotel

Welcome four-legged friends (and not only!)

Why leave your faithful four-legged friend at home while you go on vacation? If you book at the Park Hotel Miramonti Folgaria, you can take it with you!
In our hotel, guests with pets are welcome! Do not forget to report at the time of booking that you travel in his company! Not all hotel rooms, in fact, can accommodate pets, so please report already when booking, to check together the best accommodation for you and your animal friends!

Our outdoor spaces in SUMMER: you can relax with your four-legged friend on our panoramic terrace or cool under the trees of our private park, where there is plenty of space to let it run and play freely! In these areas you will find a bowl to quench your dog and also at the reception are available free of charge bags for the collection of his dejections, a muzzle (for free use) and the practical brochure “On vacation with them”, guidelines to travel with your pet.
New: for those who wish, you can register for free your dog, cat or ferret to the local Canina Registry for the period of your holiday by communicating the number of their microchips.
For events and other info about summer holidays 2018 with your four-legged friends click on this page of our blog
And furthermore, we remain at your disposal to inform you about a local veterinarian, should you have the need during your vacation.
Some important information:
• Except for agreements, dogs cannot be left unattended in the room (to avoid damage and moans that could disturb other guests) except for the moment of your meal; dogs cannot enter the restaurant; only during the summer you can have breakfast and / or lunch with your pet on the outside terrace!.
• For (obvious!) hygienic reasons (unfortunately not always respected by the owners!), It is FORBIDDEN to get your pets on the beds and use the towels to clean them!
• We accept maximum 2 dogs of small-medium size per room (NO 2 large dogs in one room!)
• Please collect your dogs' dejections in our common outdoor areas, ask for the hygiene bags at the Reception.
• The dog must be kept on a leash and under strict control of the owner.
• Please pay attention to the presence of other animals.
• At your check-out a supplement is required for the particular sanitization of the room (extra cleaning-up, with thorough hair removal, etc. ...).


We report a funny anecdote:

A man writes the following email to the director of a hotel in a city he had planned to visit during the holidays:
"I wish I could take my dog with me travelling and I wanted to know if you could also accommodate my dog during my hotel stay. He is well educated, has exemplary behavior and has never created problems to anyone. Do you think it might be possible to have him with me in the hotel room at night?"
Almost immediately the man receives this mail response from the owner of the hotel:
"Dear Sir, I have been running this hotel for many years. During all these years we have never had a dog that smoking in the bedrooms set fire to the sheets. We never had a dog that stole our towels or put the volume of the TV too high or even it ever happened that a dog had a noisy discussion with his travel companion. We never had a dog that got drunk and broke the furniture ... So it's obvious that your dog is welcome at our hotel! And if your dog can guarantee for you, you too are welcome!”